How Long Does is Take to do

The short answer to the question is that “It depends.” is a self-directed activity for the students, so the first and most important factor is the capability and work ethic of the individual student.

It also depends on the student’s grade level. is successfully used by students from Grade 3-6. More advanced students are most likely to complete the activity in a shorter period of time.

It also depends on the lab(s) being conducted. Some of the labs will take longer (like Fingerprint Analysis) than other labs (like Footprint Analysis).

All that being said, to provide some sort of guidance, if you had students in 5th grade of average capability, an allocation of 2 – 4 hours of engagement time to complete all the lessons, quizzes and labs in would be a fair estimate.

This estimate is based on engagement time. Teachers will often choose to pace their students through the activity using the Lesson Plan feature. In this way, they may “dip into” at various times and not necessarily have the students do it all at once.

Also, please keep in mind that includes four possible scenarios for the students to investigate. Some teachers will choose to allow their students to solve more than once!

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