Setting Up Classes and Enrolling Students

You can have one or more classes as part of your Murder at Old Fields account. Visit the Manage Classes page from the Admin section of the top navigation bar to create and manage your classes.

Creating a Class

To create a new class visit the Manage Classes page and click the Add Class button. Enter a class name and press the Save Class button.

Editing a Class

Find the class you want to edit in on the Manage Classes page and click the edit button to the right of the class name. On this page you can then change the name of the class.

Adding a Student to a Class

Select Admin/Register Students from the top navbar in your Teacher’s account. To add Register Students Individually, fill out the fields for First Name, Last Name, Email. You can input your own password for the student or choose the Make Password button on the right to have the function suggest a password for you.

Please note that, registering students individually in this way will not automatically send the student’s login credentials to them. You will have to do so directly to the student.

Importing a Class List

If you have multiple students to add to a class, the easiest method is to use the Import Class List tool. To access this tool, select a class from the Import Class List page under the Admin section of the top navigation bar.

The import tool only imports one class at a time. Your class list must be saved as a CSV spreadsheet (.csv is a type of file that can be exported from Excel software) before it can be uploaded. Follow the instructions on the page which will guide you through the rest of the import process.

Moving a Student From One Class to Another

In your Teacher dashboard, select Admin/Manage Students. Choose the Edit icon (the little pencil to the right of the student’s name.)

Then, select the dropdown for Class and select the new class into which the student will be moving. (The class into which the student is moving must be created in advance. See Creating a Class above to learn how.) Select the Change button to make the change.

Deleting a Class

From the Manage Classes select the Delete button in the right most column in the row of the class you wish to delete. Before you delete a class you must first remove the students in the class either by deleting them or moving them to another class. Deleting a class is permanent and cannot be undone!

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