Single Sign-On

Learn Engines allows users to sign into the website using third party identity providers such as Google or ClassLink. Using single sign-on can make it easier for both teachers and students to access their Learn Engines account by avoiding the hassle of remembering yet another username and password.

Linking Accounts

Before you can sign into Learn Engines using a single sign-on provider, you must first link your Learn Engines account. To link accounts complete the following steps:

  1. Log into Learn Engines using the credentials provided to you by your teacher (this will be the only time you need to use credentials).
  2. Visit the Profile page under the My Account menu in the main navigation bar.
  3. In the Link Account section click the button for the single sign-on provider you wish to use.
  4. You will be redirected to a sign on page for your chosen provider where you will log in (if you are already logged into that provider you may not see a login page, you might just be redirected back to your Learn Engines profile).
  5. After signing in you will be redirected back to your Profile page where you should see a success message.

Using Single Sign-On

To sign in to Learn Engines using a third party identity provider, select the one you linked to your account from the bottom of the Learn Engines login page. Make sure when you sign in that you are using the same account that you used when you completed the linking process (e.g. signing into a personal Google account instead of your school Google account).

For Teachers

Setting Up Students

When using the Class Import tool you will have the option of selected a third party identity provider. Selecting a provider on this page does not automatically link student accounts to the provider. You must still provide the login credentials generated during the import process to your students which they will need to use at least once to complete the linking process outlined above. What selecting a provider does do is trigger a banner message on the student dashboard which will prompt them to complete the linking process.

Forgotten Passwords

If you are using a third party identity provider to access Learn Engines and you forget your password, follow the instructions for that provider to reset your password with that service.

Additional Providers

Currently Learn Engines only supports the following providers:

  • Google
  • ClassLink

New providers will be considered if there is enough demand and the requested provider supports the OAuth2 protocol.

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