Resetting a Student’s Password

There are several reasons why a student may not be able to log into his/her account, the most common of which is that they have changed their password and then simply forgotten it.

Fortunately there is an easy way for a student to resolve this. If they have an email address associated with their account, they can use the Reset Password function to get a new password.

If the student does not have an email address associated with their account, please use the administrative tools via the teacher’s dashboard to re-issue a new password to the student.

Select Manage Students in your Teacher dashboard.

Select the pencil icon to the left of the student’s name for whom you need to change the password.

Select Generate Random Password or type in a password of your own to assign to the student.

Select Email Login Information to Student if you would like to email the new password directly to the student.

Select Update Student. This will update the student’s account with the new password and, if selected, automatically email the new password to the student. (See screenshot below.)

The student may have to reload their browser page or clear the cache of their browser first before being able to successfully use the new password.

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