Recording Data

Recording data in the labs is easy using the handy slide-in Data Recording Panel.

Fig-1 How to record data.

Fig-1 To record data. select the Record Data icon on the top right and a data recording panel will slide in from the left. Selecting the Lock icon will keep this data panel open while you examine the control samples and evidence. Data is recorded by making a selection in the dropdown or, in some cases, filling in a text field with your answer. When all your data is entered, select Submit Lab on the bottom of the panel. Incomplete labs cannot be submitted.

Fig-2 How to easily access lesson while in the lab.

Fig-2 While working in the lab, students can easily reference the lesson for the current lab. Select the View Lesson icon on the top right and the lesson will slide in on a panel from the right. For ease of navigation, select the Index icon on the top right and you can jump to the information you need.

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