Examining Evidence

In the labs, Diablo Highway features 3D models of the control samples and evidence.

Fig-1 How to manipulate control samples and evidence in the lab.

Fig-1 Select the lab from the navigation panel on the left and the lab will load into the main viewing area.

The control samples for that lab are provided and will load in automatically along with the evidence for that lab that has been found at the crime scene. Only the evidence for that lab that has already been found will load in with the control samples. If evidence is missing, go back to the crime scene and find the missing evidence first so that the lab can be completed.

Then, after the control samples and evidence load in, select one to place it in the examination area. Click on the model, left-click and hold to rotate it; mouse wheel in or out to zoom in or out; right-click and hold to move the model vertically or horizontally. Select the red X to remove the model from the examination area.

Fig-2 How to make a side-by-side comparison.

Fig-2 In some labs, such as Fingerprint Analysis, it’s helpful to compare the control samples and the evidence side-by-side. To do so, select two models to examine, then position them in the examination area.

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