Crime Scene Mapping

Fig-1 Available tools for Baseline Mapping.

Navigating the Map

The map can be controlled using the tools seen in Fig-1, either by using a mouse, touchpad, or by touch screen. Click/tap and drag to pan around the map and use the mouse wheel or a pinch gesture on a touch screen to zoom in and out. Zooming in on the map can make it easier to precisely start a new line or read a label.

Fig-2 How to use the Draw and Erase tools.

Drawing and Erasing Lines

To get started with Baseline Mapping use the Draw Line tool and click/tap and drag to draw a baseline between two fixed objects. The first line drawn will always be the baseline. After the baseline is drawn, the Draw Line tool switches automatically out of baseline mode to allow lines to be drawn to items of interest on the map. See this in action in Fig-2. Lines should be drawn starting at an item of interest and ending at the baseline. Each line will be labeled with two values which must be recorded in the Data Recording Panel. While dragging, the line being drawn will appear as a dashed line. Once a line is completed successfully, it will change from dashed to solid. If a line does not become solid when you finish drawing it, the most likely errors are that it does not start at an appropriate spot (mid-point, leading edge, or trailing edge) on an item of interest or that the other end did not make contact with the baseline.

If you make a mistake or draw an accidental line, use the Erase Line tool. Once toggled on, the Erase Line tool allows you to click on lines to remove them. Press the Erase Line button again to leave eraser mode. The baseline cannot be erased if there are still other lines on the map. In order to draw a new baseline you must first erase all your lines and then erase the baseline. When the Erase Line tool is activated, an Erase All Lines button will appear just below it. The Erase All Lines button will remove all of the lines drawn on the map as well as clear any measurements from the data panel. After pressing the button you will be prompted to confirm this action as it cannot be undone.

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