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How to Do the Real World Blood Typing Lab

The video below demonstrates how to interpret the chemical reaction of the blood samples to the serums when using the blood typing cards. View Article

Resetting A Teacher’s Lab or Quiz Results

When using their own account to demo Murder at Old Fields™ for students, the teacher may want to reset his/her results so that the answers… View Article

How To Assign Scenarios

Who Took Fluffy?™ consists of four different scenarios. Each scenario shares the same lessons and quizzes, but the evidence in the crime scene, the control… View Article

How Do I Purchase Who Took Fluffy?™

Who Took Fluffy?™ can be purchased online using a credit card, purchase order or check. For the online version of Who Took… View Article

How to Use the Control Samples/Evidence Online Viewer

The labs in the Who Took Fluffy?™ real-world kits include access to the online Control Sample/Evidence Viewer. The images representing these key items in the… View Article

How to Do the Online Blood Typing Lab

The Blood Typing Lab simulates the type of experiment an investigator would conduct to test for blood type in the real world. First select… View Article

“The Story” Lesson

Regardless of how many of the labs you choose to do with your students, you should start with The Story lesson. This lesson provides important… View Article

How To Open the Evidence Log

Open the Evidence Log, by first selecting the Evidence link on the top of the main navigation menu on the left. To learn more about… View Article

Tent Card Evidence Markers in Classroom Scene

Once you find and capture a piece of evidence in the classroom scene, it will be marked by an evidence tent card with its Evidence… View Article

How to Jump-to Places in Lessons

Select the Jump To… icon at the top left of the Lesson panel; then select one of the drop-down options to quickly go to that… View Article

How to Open and Close the Navigation Menu

To open main navigation menu, select the “coin stack” menu icon on the left side of the screen. To close it, select the main icon… View Article

How To Access Lessons, Quizzes and Labs

With the left-side menu open, (after clicking on the “coin stack” Menu icon) select the drop-down arrow and then select either Lesson, Quiz or Lab. View Article

How To Scroll Panels

The interface for is structured in “panels.” Panels are rectangular spaces on the computer screen which contains various features of the activity. For example,… View Article

How to Access Crime Scene Evidence List and Locations

Occasionally, a student may need help finding a particular piece of evidence. You can help guide them to it through your Teacher Dashboard by following… View Article

How Long Does is Take to do

The short answer to the question is that “It depends.” is a self-directed activity for the students, so the first and most important factor… View Article